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However, “curry” has become a catch-all name for any spice-primarily based meat or vegetable dish with a sauce. Curries could be watery, dry, purple, inexperienced, hot, or actually, really scorching—it’s completely as much as the chef in charge. In truth, a basic chicken curry is one of the simplest issues to start out with when first experimenting with Indian cooking. Serve it with a side of dal and a few roti (a tortilla-like wheat flat bread, obtainable for mail order at ishopindian.com) and you’ll really feel as should you’re midway around the world. Don’t be afraid to start out playing around with cooking Indian meals at home. First, it’s essential to understand the various dishes and flavors that make up Indian delicacies.

Though selecting a few dishes can’t do justice to the area’s diversity, Misra recommends bisibelebath , chicken chettinad (yogurt-marinated hen curry with coconut), mutton pepper fry and appam . In northern locations, you may find flatbreads and tandoor-grilled kebabs, whereas southern Indians dine on sweet coconut fish curries and rice. It’s fried, stewed flippantly with greens, or made into jhol . Equally adored in terms of food are sweets, often milk-based. The most famous merchandise in Odia delicacies is perhaps dalma — a hearty stew made out of lentils and vegetables. Contrary to frequent belief, not all Indian dishes are curries.

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