Tips for Choosing Healthy Food on the Roadside

Eating on the side of the road is high enough to cause disease. For this reason, you need to be careful in choosing roadside food. Even so, sometimes we have trouble finding food while traveling or if it’s too late. The easiest option is to buy food on the side of the road. The following are tips on choosing healthy food on the roadside:


Pay attention to where to sell

You should stay away from selling places that are close to dirty gutters, garbage dumps, or lots of animal waste. Many street vendors occupy locations above the ditch. Unpleasant odors often appear in these locations. You should avoid these places to eat because they have the potential to cause digestive pain. You can also observe whether there are many animals, such as cockroaches or rats, that roam the selling area. And preferably, you avoid these places to eat and choose to eat elsewhere.

Pay attention to the color of the food being sold

Some foods are found to use textile dyes which are harmful to the body because they can cause cancer. As much as possible do not use ketchup unless you are sure of its quality. Apart from meatballs, other snacks, such as sliced fruit, also need to be watched out for. Don’t be interested in buying mangoes that are very yellow or watermelons that are red in color.

Pay attention to how to process and serve food

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